Yosh is a public speaker and teacher, and she offers workshops and bespoke perfumery for private clients. She consults for creative agencies on olfactory trends, perfume culture, and food and beverage tastings (her specialties are chocolate, mezcal, whiskey, and cannabis). In addition to being a perfumer, she is also a Level 1 sommelier.

 Yosh is a pioneer of American Perfumery and a champion of West Coast Perfumery in particular, having co-produced the first West Coast Artisan Salon and being instrumental in promoting indie perfumers. She has also mentored many artisans in this field who have launched their own successful brands.

Yosh says, “Smell is our primary sense--we need it to discern safety and danger, and it triggers memories and emotions. As we evolve, we tap into our sixth sense: the ability to know and feel our way through life. We intuit what smells and feels dangerous (like fire). When we ‘follow our nose,’ it means we follow our intuition and our heart’s desires (rather than our logical mind).”

Our olfactive imprint is as unique as our thumbprint, and our inner landscape of aromas frames our interpersonal connections. A tech-heavy world could become an odorless world, and Yosh believes this threatens our individuality and has thus created fragrances that enhance your signature scent.

IDEO, DARPA, Ogilvy, UC Berkeley’s Front Row, California College of the Arts MBA program, Academy of Art San Francisco, Asian Art Museum, Pitti Fragranze Italy, Concours d’Elegance: Monterey Classic Car Show, Asian Art Museum San Francisco, Beauty Industry West, and Elements Showcase.

Four Seasons Resorts, Pernod Ricard, Women & Whiskies for Campari, The Battery, SoHo House, Faith Popcorn’s Brain Reserve, The Futures Company, CIA Napa, One Kings Lane, Anthropologie, GiltGroupe, Haute Look, and Olmeca Altos tequila.

San Francisco at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Asian Art Museum, 18 Reasons, Kearny Street Projects, The Bureau of Urban Secrets, and 23E Studios.

Yosh has also collaborated with notable artists and writers such as Natalie Jeremijenko, JT LeRoy/Laura Albert, and Dave Eggers’s 826 Valencia: The Pirate Store where she was the original Purveyor of Pirate Supplies.


Yosh teaching a perfume making workshop for Poketo at Line Hotel in Hollywood Hills, California. (click through)


UC Berkeley, Front Row with Daniel Handler aka Lemony Snicket. Creating a custom scent live on-stage in front of 2000 people in Berkeley, California.


Yosh discusses the art of aromas at the Asian Art Museum during MATCHA in San Francisco.


Yosh teaching a Campari Women & Whiskies event for Umami Mart at Wingtip in San Francisco. An evening of whiskey tasting, paired with perfumery accords.


“Sinestesia,” a scented musical and dance performance with ZZK Records and Dat Garcia at the historical Teatro Margarita Xirgu in Buenos Aires.


“Sinestesia,” a scented musical and dance performance with ZZK Records and Dat Garcia at the historical Teatro Margarita Xirgu in Buenos Aires.